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For Such a Time As This Video Trailer

Girls need stories that inspire them to be brave daughters of the King - and what better place to look than the Bible? In For Such a Time as This, best-selling author Angie Smith retells 40 remarkable stories of biblical women such as Eve and Esther, Rahab and Rebekah, and Martha and Mary. Angie offers fascinating look at their lives and then links each story to today's reader by closing with a reminder about God's goodness, a character-building takeaway for girls, and a prayer that parents can offer for their daughter. Girls will love these vivid stories and the stunning illustrations by Breezy Brooshire, and they will learn memorable lessons such as persevering when doing good, obeying God even when it's difficult, and remembering that He has a plan for their futures - just as He did for these women long ago. Source by